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     The spring breeze pushed past her sundress as she opened the door to the Estes Park Coffee shop. Gliding up to the counter, Dana, the owner of the shop, already had her order waiting. One large café Mocha and a Cranberry Scone. Dana smiled as she watched Cindi “Higgy” Higgins breeze through the door. “A wonderful Monday morning to you Higgy, I have your order ready.” “You know me so well, Dana.” Cindi said. Dana laughed from behind the counter, saying, “I do Higgy, I just added it to your tab.” As Cindi walked to her regular table, in the back corner of the coffee shop, she thought, Higgy, what a nickname to have. Laura Henderson is to blame for that nickname. She missed Laura. She missed the activity of playing with Laura’s kids. Cindi was honored to be the godmother to all three of Laura and Tom Henderson’s children. She would call her tonight, and they could catch up. 

     Sitting at the table, she opened her laptop to check her email, as she did every morning before walking a block over to the White Hat Risk Assessment office, where she worked. Taking a sip of the hot Mocha, her eyes grew wide, her heart raced. Flaming Feather? That was a name she thought she would never hear again. Staring at the screen in wonderment, she thought it has been ten years since she talked to Danny Davis, aka Flaming Feather. Why would he be contacting her now? Opening the email, the message read, 

Arctic Eagle, if anything happens to me, you know where to look. 

     Confused, she read it a second time. Not sure what to do, Cindi sat back in the chair, her thoughts drifting back to her childhood, her past, Danny Davis. Flashes of memories raced through her thoughts, their teenage romance, their arrest, and their conviction under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. 

     Looking back at the laptop screen, to read the message again, she found it was no longer there. Blinking her eyes rapidly, Cindi moved closer to the screen of her laptop. The screen was blank, the message gone. Did she imagine it? Confused, she searched her email. There was no record of it ever existing. If she did not get moving, she would be late for work, Cindi hastily closed her laptop and packed it in her messenger bag. Grabbing her cup of coffee to go, she walked down the block to start her day at work. 

     Briskly entering the offices of White Hat Risk Assessment, Cindi walked to her office, saying good morning to her co-workers as she passed by their desks. Reaching her office cubicle, Cindy sat down. She had a new account to work on today. A Bank whose security system needed to be tested. Turning on the computer on her desk, she stashed her messenger bag underneath the nearby shelf in her cubicle. She spent the next few hours before lunch hacking into the Banks system finding multiple ways to gather their client’s confidential information. 

Stretching, Cindy was startled when she heard her co-worker Mary Stewart say, “Hey Higgy, want to go get some lunch?” Turning in her chair to find Mary behind her, she said, “Not today, I am just going to get some air before I start the report for the bank. It was a breeze getting into their system this morning.” Laughing she continued, “It is going to take two weeks to get their system secured. Your grandmother could have hacked into that system.” Mary giggled, saying, “I am not teaching my grandmother the tricks of this trade. I will see you after lunch Higgy.” 

     Cindy stood, grabbing her messenger bag. She walked outside to downtown Estes Park. Feeling the sun’s warmth, and taking a breath of the fresh mountain air, she looked down the street. Tourist season had not started yet, the streets filled only with local patrons. Sitting on her favorite bench around the corner from the office, she gazed up at the surrounding mountains, amazed that even though it was warm for a late April day, there was still snow on the mountain tops. Opening her laptop, she again searched for the email she thought she received that morning from Danny. Nothing was there. Closing her laptop, her thoughts went back to her teen years. 

     As children, Cindi and Danny were raised in the same foster home. Shortly after Cindi turned 16, the FBI arrested her with a group of five others called the MiamiLink Club. Besides her and Danny, the other three kids were also foster children in various homes in the city. In Miami Florida, they used coffee shops, libraries, and internet cafe’s as their location for hacking into first the local phone company giving them the ability to make free long-distance calls and listen to customers' calls. They then moved on to hacking into corporate networking systems, as a challenge to see if they could. The Club would have contests on who could break into a company the fastest and do something crazy like implant a worm or change their client’s personal information. Then Chen Williams, one of the club members, the weak link in the club, decided it would be fun to infiltrate the Pentagon network. He never was very smart. That is when they were arrested. Cindi’s code name was Arctic Eagle. Her best friend and boyfriend at the time was Danny Davis, code named Flaming Feather. He was the one who taught her how to hack. 

     Cindi remembered the trial, and how terrified she was. Convicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, she was sentenced to two years in a juvenile detention center, with three years of probation, and a fine. During her time in the Juvenile Detention Center, Cindi received her GED. With help from a guidance counselor at the center, she became certified as an Ethical Hacker. 

     Upon her release, that same counselor helped Cindi get a job far from Miami in Estes Park Colorado working for the company she worked for today. She had been a part of the White Hat group for the last eight years. After her arrest, she had never spoken to or heard from Danny Davis again. 

     Standing she thought, that was then, this is now. She had a great job, a cute apartment above the Coffee Shop, friends, and she was now an adult at twenty-six years old. It was time to leave the past behind, and work towards that promotion she wanted as a lead Computer Security Specialist, which would give her a decent raise and the chance to manage a team of four other Specialists. Cindi stood, going back to her office to start the report for the Bank account she had worked on that morning. 





Meet Kamira Jackson, a Detective from Atlanta, Georgia. After spending three years undercover, she is ready for a change. Transferring to a small town in Mississippi, she meets a crabby retired Police Chief, Jack Thomas. Together they solve cold cases. 

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Shadow of Secrets

Shadow of Secrets

Shadow of Secrets




 Shadow of Secrets is a novel I was excited to read thanks to the mention of mystery as well as poignant topic involving a Navajo reservation laced in the description. I love when novels feature many themes, themes that do not typically fit into the genre of the book and so I was excited to get lost in this brilliant mystery and crime tale called Shadow of Secrets! Shadow of Secrets is an exceptional novel that will alight readers' minds with amazement and entertain them from start to finish and this is thanks to the extraordinary author Kacie Clement who perfectly captivates her readers early in the start thanks to her wealth of world development and intriguing plot.That is why I would already recommend that you lovely readers have a read of Shadow of Secrets, however, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more!

Shadow of Secrets is an exceptional novel that takes the reader on an unforgettable, poignant and thrilling journey. The reader will be introduced to the protagonist of the book, Emma Graystone as her life is turned upside down. Emma was looking forward to her future with her fiancé Antonio however, he is murdered in NY and this starts a chain reaction of events that all involve her father. Emma discovers that her wedding was an arranged marriage by her father and a big NY crime boss and so she wants to escape her father's clutches and be free. This forces Emma to travel to Flagstaff AZ and it is here that she begins to start her new life, one with purpose and one that will make a difference.

What follows is a moving but also thrilling story that will follow Emma as she learns some secrets about her work as a business consultant for the Wind Farm Project on a Navajo reservation. Secrets that force her to goon an adventure and to investigate the mystery alongside her friend. However not is all as it seems and her father is close by and this book lovers is the short premise of the sensational Shadow of Secrets!

Shadow of Secrets is phenomenal, and the wealth of enticing in formation combined with the exceptional story will entertain readers from beginning to end! The author of Shadow of Secrets, Kacie Clement perfectly describes every event and all the details for you. I admit that some novels can be confusing, sometimes the literature is too dense so that you feel as if you are walking towards a strong current - you can't push through the text -however I found with Clement's literature that although it was detailed, it was immersive. Clement manages to draw you in quickly and guide you along the way while never confusing you and I am impressed with Clements's talent to accomplish this as it is not easily done!

To conclude, Shadow of Secrets is an incredible, phenomenal and breathtaking story that is immersive and full of detailed world-building so I,of course, have to award the stellar read an excellent five stars! So please,do read this book, book lovers and get lost in an incredible story as it will entertain you from beginning to end and leave a lasting impression. Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers; you will not regret it!redheadedbooklover.com/shadow-of-secrets-kacie-clement/

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High secrets

Shadow of Secrets

Shadow of Secrets



Something is killing the wildlife and poisoning the waterways of the Coastal Redwoods in California. 

With such an environmental catastrophe happening, Amelia Harris is on her way to solve the mystery. As co-founder of Harris & Graystone, a company that helps nonprofit organizations work through challenges, she knows her new business may be the only one who can solve the case.

Amid the investigation, she meets Jade, the Director of Clean Water, the non-profit that hired her, and there is an instant connection. If they don't solve this mystery soon, much more wildlife will die, and people will become ill. 

Unaware of her senator’s involvement in the conspiracy, Amelia travels to Washington DC, in the hopes of bringing change. Instead, she finds herself framed and facing felony criminal charges, and possibly years of imprisonment. 

When she suddenly goes missing, questions swirl around the reason. Was it to avoid her trial? Or was the motive more sinister?  

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final secrets

Shadow of Secrets

Unleashed Betrayal



It was a beautiful crisp September Sunday morning in Duluth, Minnesota. The calm waters of Lake Superior shimmered in the morning sun.

Maeve Reynolds Gallucci and her new husband Frank, the right-hand man of Capo Victoria DeLuca, were starting the first day of their honeymoon. They intended to spend two secluded weeks in a Camping Cabin in Jay Cooke State Park in Carlton, Minnesota. Frank liked to fish, and Maeve was looking forward to starting the new book she had been wanting to read for the last few months. 

Maeve has a secret. She knows, she should tell her new husband, but a Mafia and Mexican Cartel war abruptly ends the honeymoon before she can tell him.

When Frank is critically wounded in Mexico, Maeve must use her skills from a previous life to save him. Making the choice to save Frank or keep her secret, puts Maeve in jeopardy and opens the door to her secret being revealed and arrested by Interpol. Will Frank forgive her for not telling him?

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Unleashed Betrayal

Journey to Enlightenment

Unleashed Betrayal


The mind does not choose whom it loves and whom it ignores. It is the matter of the heart, it makes decisions, and rationale is usually not the utmost priority. 

Frank O'Brien tries to pursue his passion for art and hands the running of A'lainn Cosmetics to a man named Garry Murphy. Frank soon realizes that he has made a horrendous mistake. But before he can take action to rectify the mistake he is killed in a car accident. Now it's up to Macy to hold the reins of the company that her father Frank, left for her. 

But what she doesn't know is that the man she is falling for is not who he seems to be. Perhaps her friend Desmond can help Macy in her path to survival. But will his help be enough?

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Journey to Enlightenment

Journey to Enlightenment

Journey to Enlightenment


This will be your personal journal. A book  for you to record your thoughts, ideas and words into.  Leading to authenticity, consciousness and transformation.  If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.


Rebecca Flansburg

Clement's gorgeous journal has renewed my love of journaling! And with the addition of the beautiful mandalas and sayings that I can color in and doodle around, it's a great tool for helping me relieve stress and decompress. Love it!

Carissa Andrews

 Not only do I love the cover of this journal, but I also love the art and mandalas throughout. Great journal all around and beautiful piece for my journaling collection.


Amazon Customer

 I love the cover of this journal. I creates peace just holding it. I can't wait to start journaling and creating! There is ample space to write and then as you go, you find a surprising mandala that I can color and create beauty. The mandala inspires a meditative practice to clear my mind so more of me can flow onto the pages. I highly recommend you order yours today!