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A Shooting, A Drug Deal, and a Trail of Ants • Book 2 in the Cold Case Chronicles

A Shooting, A Drug Deal, and a Trail of Ants • Book 2 in the Cold Case Chronicles

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Can Kamira untangle a decade-old cold case, or will she be next on a killer's hit list?

After solving her new hometown's oldest cold case, Detective Kamira Jackson is back on the beat. Her second taste of crime in Shadowbank, Mississippi is the drive-by shooting of a beloved teen. The deadly end to the teen group's innocent night of fun leaves the town shocked and bewildered.

Taking over an investigation that was bungled from the start, Kamira is determined to uncover the truth behind the tragic night. As she sorts through the long shadows cast by a string of suspects, her colleague, Terrance James investigates a counterfeiting operation. The danger of their work hits too close to home when a deputy dies under suspicious circumstances.

The death of their co-worker brings the realization that Kamira and Terrance's cases may carry a common thread. Organized crime has been quietly making inroads into the Shadowbank community for years, but just how deeply are they entrenched?

Adding urgency to the investigation, Kamira and Terrance must keep their wits about them as they uncover the patchwork of clues connecting all three cases. Will they discover the truth before the mob strikes the town of Shadowbank again?

A SHOOTING, A DRUG DEAL AND A TRAIL OF ANTS is the second book in the unputdownable Cold Case Chronicles series from Kacie Clement. If you like fast-paced action and determined heroines, then you’ll love following the adventures of Detective Kamira Jackson as she solves cold cases in a small town!

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