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Death By Ink • Book 1 in the Whispering Cove Mysteries

Death By Ink • Book 1 in the Whispering Cove Mysteries

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Trouble is always brewing in the quaint seaside town of Whispering Cove, and it's up to the local writing group to solve the mysteries!

Catherine Landen has moved to the enchanting coastal community of Whispering Cove, after inheriting the Saltwater Inn from a grandmother she never knew. Ready for a fresh start, she joins the Whispering Cove Writers' Group. Catherine is finding the slower of pace of life suits her perfectly.

But she does recognize a dead body when she sees one. Catherine is having breakfast her cousin, Temple Wilde, when the maid discovers the dead body of a man in his guest room. The historic inn is closed with it's future hanging in the balance.

Catherine's passion for mysteries is as hot as ever, of course. She is a best-selling mystery author, and loves to research and solve intriguing puzzles. Despite warnings from the handsome Detective Reyes Moreno not to get in the way of the official investigation, Catherine calls in her newly found friends in the Whispering Cove Writing Group who simply can't resist taking a look around. It is Catherine's hotel, you know.

Join Catherine and The Whispering Cove Writers' Club in solving the mystery!

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