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High Secrets • Book 2 in the Ignited Secrets Series

High Secrets • Book 2 in the Ignited Secrets Series

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High Secrets is the enthralling second book in the Ignited Secrets Trilogy, an exciting new crime thriller series.

Something is killing the wildlife and poisoning the waterways of the Coastal Redwoods in California.

With such an environmental catastrophe happening, Amelia Harris is on her way to solve the mystery.

As co-founder of Harris & Graystone, a company that helps nonprofit organizations work through challenges, she knows her new business may be the only one who can solve the case.

Amid the investigation, she meets Jade, the Director of Clean Water, the non-profit that hired her, and there is an instant connection. If they don't solve this mystery soon, much more wildlife will die, and people will become ill.

Unaware of her senator’s involvement in the conspiracy, Amelia travels to Washington DC, in the hopes of bringing change. Instead, she finds herself framed and facing felony criminal charges, and possibly years of imprisonment.

When she suddenly goes missing, questions swirl around the reason.

Was it to avoid her trial? Or was the motive more sinister?

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