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Mississippi Moonshine • Book 1 in the Cold Case Chronicles

Mississippi Moonshine • Book 1 in the Cold Case Chronicles

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Can a troubled detective escape a killer while solving her new hometown's oldest cold case?

After spending three months in the captivity of a killer's evil web, Detective Kamira Jackson celebrated her freedom by trading in the bright lights of Atlanta for Shadowbank, a sleepy small town in rural Mississippi.

But Mississippi has its own problems, namely a 46-year-old cold case. The police chief objects to his jurisdiction's employment of a woman of color by handing the case off to Kamira and giving her an impossibly short deadline of six months to solve the cold case.

Kamira researches the slaying of two gunshot victims found floating in the Wolf River forty-six years ago with the help of Terrance James, a retired veteran. The more they investigate, the more this cold case seems like a generations-old cover-up to protect the town's power players.

Will exposing the small town's dark truths gain Kamira the respect of the police chief, or is someone setting her up for a fatal exit from Shadowbank before she can prove her worth as a detective?

MISSISSIPPI MOONSHINE is the first book in the unputdownable Cold Case Chronicles series from Kacie Clement. If you like fast-paced action and determined heroines, then you’ll love following the adventures of Detective Kamira Jackson as she solves cold cases in a small town!

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