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The Ignited Secrets Trilogy

The Ignited Secrets Trilogy

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The Ignited Secrets Trilogy Box Set

Because the world needs justice, sometimes it takes a girl to deliver it.


Book 1: Shadow of Secrets

Emma Graystone

Emma Graystone was not looking for danger, but when you are on the verge of marrying into a New York crime family, trouble has a way of finding you. Before they exchange vows, Antonio is murdered, and Emma realizes that their courtship was part of a larger scheme. Disillusioned and determined to start a new life far from her controlling family’s machinations, Emma pulls up stakes. She accepts a job in Arizona, consulting on a Navajo reservation project.

With renewed dreams of a fresh start, Emma meets the handsome Grayson Blackfeather, and sparks fly. Just as she finds her stride, Emma makes the unsettling discovery that her new project team members may have dangerous reasons to stop the project from succeeding. After moving halfway across the country, is this just a coincidence? As a nefarious plot built upon greed threatens the future of the Navajo people, Emma finds her own life in danger as she steps further into a perilous world of corporate intrigue. With time running out, will Emma unravel the mystery before she becomes its next victim?

Shadow of Secrets is the electrifying first book in the exciting Ignited Secrets trilogy. This high-stakes page-turner delivers startling twists and turns until the final shocking showdown.


Book 2: High Secrets

Amelia Harris

Something is killing the wildlife and poisoning the waterways of the Coastal Redwoods in California. With such an environmental catastrophe happening, Amelia Harris is on her way to solve the mystery. As co-founder of Harris & Graystone, a company that helps non-profit organizations work through challenges, she knows her new business may be the only one who can solve the case.

Amid the investigation, she meets Jade, the Director of Clean Water, the non-profit that hired her, and there is an instant connection. If they don’t solve this mystery soon, much more wildlife will die, and people will become ill.

Unaware of her senator’s involvement in the conspiracy, Amelia travels to Washington DC, in the hopes of bringing change. Instead, she finds herself framed and facing felony criminal charges and possibly years of imprisonment. When she suddenly goes missing, questions swirl around the reason. Was it to avoid her trial? Or was the motive more sinister?


Book 3: Final Secrets

Maeve Reynolds

It was a beautiful crisp September Sunday morning in Duluth, Minnesota. The calm waters of Lake Superior shimmered in the morning sun. Maeve Reynolds Gallucci and her new husband Frank, the right-hand man of Capo Victoria DeLuca, were starting the first day of their honeymoon. They intended to spend two secluded weeks in a Camping Cabin in Jay Cooke State Park in Carlton, Minnesota. Frank liked to fish, and Maeve was looking forward to starting the new book she had wanted to read for the last few months.

Maeve has a secret. She knows she should tell her new husband, but a Mafia and Mexican Cartel war cut-offs the honeymoon before she can tell him.

When Frank is critically wounded in Mexico, Maeve must use her previous life skills to save him. Making the choice to save Frank or keep her secret puts Maeve in jeopardy and opens the door to her secret being revealed and arrested by Interpol. Will Frank forgive her for not telling him?

Final Secrets is the final book in this thrilling series, and we learn all the secrets that twist the fates of Emma, Amelia, and Maeve!


Download this three-book box set today because you love powerful women, gritty mysteries, and organized crime. Join the adventure.

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