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The Last Goodbye • Book 3 in the Cold Case Chronicles

The Last Goodbye • Book 3 in the Cold Case Chronicles

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When a local landmark becomes the site of multiple cold cases, can Kamira solve the crimes before the killer strikes again?

After a disastrous end to her career in Atlanta, Detective Kamira Jackson has regained footing by solving cold cases in the small town of Shadowbank, Mississippi. On the heels of unraveling a drive-by shooting mystery, Kamira and her partner Terrance must now search deep into the past if they're going to close the door on suspicious deaths at Hawthorne Plantation.

Once a prosperous estate, Hawthorne Plantation sat abandoned after the shocking death of a wealthy newlywed in 1950 and the subsequent disappearance of her husband. Twenty years later, an intrepid reporter's search for answers about what happened at the fateful nuptials results in a second death under equally unsettling circumstances.

When the very detectives who investigated the bride's murder turn up dead, it's clear that Hawthorne Plantation isn't quite ready to give up all its secrets. There's only one woman who can help lace together the clues to solve this string of crimes, and that's the director of the local historical society.

Wynn Gunn is not only the director of the local historical society, but she's also the esteemed expert on all things Hawthorne-related. Can this living encyclopedia help Kamira and Terrance turn up the heat on their latest cold case? Or will they suffer the same terrible fate as the other detectives?

THE LAST GOODBYE is the third book in the unputdownable Cold Case Chronicles series from Kacie Clement. If you like fast-paced action and determined heroines, then you’ll love following the adventures of Detective Kamira Jackson as she solves cold cases in a small town!

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